Rialto concert with Stathis Drogosis – by Nathalie Kyrou

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Rialto concert with Stathis Drogosis – by Nathalie Kyrou

“Waterblack is back, with attitude. The good kind of attitude that is. The kind that comes with experience and talent. And the great news is that is it the kind of attitude reserved for, and left on, stage; speaking to them afterwards backstage, the band was as down-to-earth and friendly as ever.

The experience however is hard to ignore. Their hard work and persistence over the years has paid off. Their recent performance in Cyprus was so professional that no-one would guess that there is not as much time to rehearse together anymore since the band members live far apart (since lead singer/songwriter Andreas Economides now works and performs in London, U.K). In fact, their show at Rialto theatre in Limassol proved the exact opposite. The group seemed perfectly in tune with each other – literally and mentally, with the members of the band complementing each other like effective parts in a well-oiled music machine.

Andreas, along with Chris Charalambides who is co-founder of the band and fellow band members Marcos (drums), Xenios (lead guitar) and Byron (bass), gave us their best performance to date: high on energy, and masterful on their instruments, the concert was expectedly intense and enjoyable. Using his most powerful instrument of all – his voice – Andreas (a.k.a Eco) sang his heart out, displaying a confidence yet to be seen. Caressing the lyrics in tender, acoustic moments, and embodying them in more dramatic ways than before during busier, more up-tempo tracks, Eco kept us intently focused and talked to us in between songs – a nice touch. With Chris’s energy on the keys filling the whole stage, and the others bouncing notes off each other with honed skills, this performance was not just about showing their fans how far they’ve come, but also a way to share with them the fun the musicians themselves are having on stage as they jam away.

If you weren’t already a fan, this night may have made you one. It definitely had me moving in my seat, tapping my feet away and wishing I was in a venue where I could just get up, remember my old rocker days and sing along and head-bang with them. Waterblack, like a melodic waterfall of rhythm, expression and passion, has definitely quenched my thirst for music.”

by Nathalie Kyrou   http://www.kyrou.com/

Nathalie is a published freelance writer, copywriter, regular columnist and journalist for newspapers, magazines and other publications and websites. She also works part-time in the tv industry as an art-director, stylist and editor. In her spare time, Nathalie likes to write and record her own music, songs and poetry.

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